Monday, November 2, 2015

Fairest Review: In Gifs!

So...I finally listened to Fairest, the story of the Lunar Chronicles' villain, Queen Levana. I expected some Once Upon A Time -never-love-anything-it-will-not-end-well level flashbacks and that's bascially what I got.

Fairest can be pretty much summarized as

At first Princess Levana’s obsession with the married Evret Hayle had me like

Then a few pages later

And for everything after the wedding I was pretty much

Seriously, Levana

This is a pretty messed up story--I’m getting Grasshopper Jungle levels of entertainment from reading the reviews. Fairest is a soap-y story about some terrible people doing terrible things that I couldn’t look away from. I honestly just wanted to know how it was all was going to end up. There was a preview of Winter in the back and seeing as that book is 800 pages I have a feeling it will be pretty epic.

*But Not Soon Enough*

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