Thursday, May 7, 2015

Listen Up (Again) : Podcasts for Readers

I didn't think it was possible but since our last posts on podcasts I have become even more obsessed ! They are the perfect thing to listen to when doing boring tasks like cleaning the house, washing dishes or long car drives. Here are some of my favorite podcasts that will appeal to the YA reader.

Dear Bitches, Smart Authors aka DBSA Podcast

Hosted by Sarah Wendell from  the romance blog Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and occasionally Dear Author owner, Jane Litte I devoured this podcast. I didn't read romance at the time…although er, it made  me start a romance blog. The romance genre has so many smart and funny authors  and it's fascinating to hear about their lives and writing styles. Not to mention Sarah and Jane have great chemistry.

Suggested Episodes:

Dear Sugar 

A spin off of the cult advice column, the Dear Sugar Podcast is hosted by  authors and friends Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed. Each week they field questions about love and life. These two are storytellers so each question is answered with a story from their own lives or occasionally they read a a piece of literature. Also as a bonus literary nod they have other authors on to offer their perspectives.

Suggested Episodes :
This podcast only has 9 full episodes and I suggest them all !

Read it And Weep Podcast

Okay, YA fans you may need a tough skin for this one. This is a podcast where 3 friends and a guest discuss "bad" books and movies, I put bad in quotes because sometimes they like what they read. The hosts are comedians and I think this podcast is hilarious and full of silly fun.  That said, they do take some easy shots at YA books and movies, but I like their commitment to at least read every Twilight book and see every movie.

Suggested Episodes:

Pop Culture Happy Hour

Hosted by NPR's pop culture writer Linda Holmes (who wrote a great piece about Book Girls at BookCon) this podcast is all about pop culture. The hosts and occasional guest sit around talking about the latest and greatest in pop culture adding in their own perspectives and experiences. They don't always talk about books but Linda is a fan of Rainbow Rowell and Women's fiction and the show has NPR's book editor on the panel as well.

Suggested Episodes:

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