Monday, March 2, 2015

If These Books Were Judged by Their Covers Vol.4

This cover was done by Regina Flath who has designed some of my favorite covers. This one  feels like the usual gender neutral dystopian ala Endgame...but I am kind of side-eyeing how big Scott Westefeld's name is here. Apparently this is a collaborative project between the three authors, but his name is SO much bigger than the other authors.  - Kat

This cover is super on the nose...this book is about a girl who senses gold in the ground during the Gold Rush and this cover has so much gold in it. I'm sure it will be super shiny in person. -Kat

This is another body positive book from Harper Teen. Like Dumplin is clearly states this is about a girl who is plus sized. I like the colors and I am really likeing these illustrated covers because it's clear each artist has their own style. I wonder if Eleanor & Partk inspired this trend ? Will we see those 90's illustrated YA romances make a comeback ?

There is way to much text-pyrotechnics going on here with the different fonts. It doesn't have the flow her last book cover Say What You Will does.  

At first glance this is a pretty decent girl in a pretty dress, but looking closer the faded images of her face in the corner look like something from awkward family photos.

I think this is the UK cover and I really hope they keep it for the U.S. because it's so clean, the fonts mix nicely and I like how it looks like a graphic-T design. Also, this books sounds amazing, it's like shifted perspective of the person who is just a background friend to  the "chosen one" protagonist of a YA novel.

I don't know anything about this book and this cover and title doesn't tell me anything. It's kind of spooky and I wonder if it will be shiny in person ?

I feel like Laurie Halse Anderson always gets the strangest covers.  The cover looks very 90's to me...maybe it's the jean jacket ? It's also worlds away from the original cover which is mostly text. 

This is Smith's first book and this design makes this te third cover  re-design for this book. They've changed it fit more with her other books, but the handwritten comic-y text just doesn't work with such a short title. I have to admit I'm partial to the original paperback design (that yes, I own)

This is a companion to Duncan's previous novel Salvage, I want to say yay person of color on the cover, but this image looks so processed. I wish they'd just stuck with no model. But still...yay POC on a book!

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  1. YAY! for POC on a cover. I love these covers and I love Future Perfect cover the most. Simple and classic. Reminds me of Fangirl a bit too.


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