Friday, February 20, 2015

If These Books Were Judged By Their Covers Vol. 3

City of Bones has a hardcover, movie tie-in paperback and now this new paperback cover. I like the  powerful posing in this, but I'm not feeling that mustard yellow coloring on the font. I can see a lot more people carrying this around since there is no bare chest on it.  - Jess

I like how this image looks like it is moving and keeps in line with the other books in the series. I also like the green--we don't see a lot of green in YA covers. - Kat

This cover is very striking and I think it will have great crossover appeal it looks like a YA, but also a dark literary fiction or even a steampunk. I like the metallic  feel and coloring in the background. That said, it looks a lot like her Grisha Trilogy, but maybe that is intentional - Kat

The graphical elements on this cover makes it look like a graphic novel cover to me. I'm not a fan of the muted colors on this cover and the font that the author's name doesn't really mesh with the cover.  - Kat

This kind of reminds me of the I Was Here cover by Gayle Foreman, but something about the font and books make it look cheesy. I also had a hard time reading the title font. - Kat

This cover looks a little too photoshop-y to me and also unfinished. Maybe it's all the white space ? - Kat

Based on this cover I would have never thought this was YA. This book is about a plus sized girl who enters a beauty pageant and I like how that is all right there on the cover. The fonts are clean, the colors are complementary and I can't wait to see what this looks like in person. - Kat

This is another graphical, cartoon-y cover that if I didn't know any better I'd think was for a graphic novel.  I think this cover is fun and fits the book theme of complicated friendship. Also, I think that's a person of color I see in there... - Kat

This is a cover re-reveal. The originally released cover was red and I have to admit I like the purple better. - Jess

For some reason I saw this and went "meh". I see what it is trying to do with the creepy black and white image with striking red font, but it doesn't jump out to me. - Jess

This cover has a lot of leg for a YA cover. How can I see this cover and not think of the Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer series ? With that side I like the font placement but something about the image being reflected at the top looks awkward. - Jess

I like the covers in Higgins' Sweet Evil series, even though they are the cliched YA paranormal covers .  Kai is in the front because this is told from his POV.  I have to be honest that tagline just creeps me out . . . - Jess


  1. The thorns really throw this off. I agree that white and red always look striking on a cover.

  2. The Ash and Bramble cover looks like she is floating and there is no ground under her. Blood and Salt is YA? I would have never guessed by the cover alone.


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