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Summer of Sarah Dessen : Keeping The Moon

“You should never be surprised when someone treats you with respect, you should expect it.” 
― Sarah DessenKeeping the Moon

  • Release Date : September 1999
  • Publisher : Viking/Penguin
  • Genre : Contemporary
  • Pages : 240
  • School Library Edition : 228

SynopsisColie expects the worst when she's sent to spend the summer with her eccentric aunt Mira while her mother, queen of the television infomercial, tours Europe. Always an outcast -- first for being fat and then for being "easy" -- Colie has no friends at home and doesn't expect to find any in Colby, North Carolina. But then she lands a job at the Last Chance Cafe and meets fellow waitresses Morgan and Isabel, best friends with a loving yet volatile relationship. Wacky yet wise, Morgan and Isabel help Colie see herself in a new way and realize the potential that has been there all along.
Keeping The Moon is a short read that manages to hold its own and pull a at the heart strings. This was the first Sarah Dessen novel  I'd ever read almost ten years ago *cringe* when I was 14-years-old. I remember that as soon as I finished it I sat there for a minute and then started to read it again.

Now 45 pounds lighter, Colie Sparks is no longer the "fat" girl in school.While she could easily shed the pounds, losing her low self-esteem and self consciousnesses is going to take a summer of change.

With bullying a hot topic nowadays this novel is still relevant today. Fifteen year old Colie Sparks has been lled fat, she has been made fun of  and is even called a slut. She is so down in her self that she begins to expect these things even whens she spends the summer in a town where no one knows her.

In the beach town of Colby, NC Colie befriends  a pair of  20 something best friends; Morgan who is a sweet optimist and Isabel, the straight forward brash beauty.As we are introduced to the town of Colby and its residents you really get the feel that you are meeting and getting to know these people for the first time

I did find this novel off plotting wise. It seems as if two plots; the friendship between Colie's and her aunt's young border, Norman, and her friendships with Isabel and Morgan could have been worked together. Instead it felt like they were separated into different sections, as if they weren't apart of the same story.

This isn't your average light summer at the beach novel. This novel begins real turn in Dessen's writing. Plot and message began to flow more evenly in her writing after this. This is one of Dessen's first books about summer and I think she really finds her place there.

I didn't pick up any connections to her previous three novels.


  1. When I read this one for the first time, I loved the friendships, but thought the story was lacking a little... something. I have to reread it though and see if I feel differently!

  2. I have a few SD books I've picked up and I'll have to try her soon. I like the cover of this one. It sounds like Colie finds some good friends to help her view herself differently and help ease her insecurities.

  3. I like Sarah Dessen, although I have not read this one. Too bad that there is a disconnect there. Thank you for your review.

  4. Yes, there is a bit of a disconnect but the story is so good that I only noticed it because of how many times I've read it.

  5. I like this cover as well ! Much better than the other one.

  6. I always notice something different when re-read something.


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