Saturday, December 7, 2019

20 Books We Can't Wait To Read In 2020

It's that time of the year again! Jess and I have scoured lists and publishing announcements to give you 20 of the books we can't wait to read in 2020.  You can add them to your to-read shelf from our Goodreads list

1. Displaced by Alyssa Cole
Beloved romance author Alyssa Cole is dipping her ink into the thriller genre! There isn't much out about this book out except that it is Rear Window meets Get Out.  - Kat

2. Well Played by Jen DeLuca
Well Met was one of my favorite romances of 2019 and I can't wait to see what DeLuca has in store for Willow Creek's other tavern wench! - Kat


3. A Love Hate Thing by Whitney D. Grandison 1/7/2020
Wealthy golden girl Nandy Smith fights her attraction to the boy from the wrong side of the tracks when he moves in with her family. 2020 will be a banner year for Black teen romances! - Kat

4. Then, Now, Always by Mona Shroff 1/28/2020

This second chance romance features an estranged hero and heroine coming together to help their teenage daughter. - Jess


5. Of Curses and Kisses Of Curses and Kisses Sandhya Menon  2/18/2020
I enjoyed Menon's debut and Of Curses and Kisses is a Beauty and The Beast retelling where teens from two opposing families attend the same boarding school. - Jess

6. The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel 2/15/2020
Station Eleven was one of my favorite reads when it first came out and I can't wait to read her latest. - Kat

7. The New David Espinoza  by Fred Aceves 2/11/2020
Aceves debut was so nuanced and quiet that I didn't think we'd hear from him again, but I'm glad to see he has another book out this one tackling steroid abuse and male body image disorders. - Jess


8. The Kingdom Of Back by Marie Lu 3/3/2020
I haven't read the blurb for this but we are big Lu fans around here so we are up for whatever she does next. - Jess

9. Only Black Girls In Town  By Brandy Colbert 3/24/2020
Brandy Colbert's YA books are a favorite on this blog! She writes the kinds of books I would have loved as a teen and I'm excited to see what she does with her debut middle grade. Also shout out to her other 2020 book, The Voting Booth - Kat

10. House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Mass 3/5/2020
I haven't gotten around to reading Mass' YA series but I'm really curious to see what her adult fiction will be like - Jess

11. The City We Became by N.K Jemisin 3/24/2020
In this new series from Hugo Award-winning author N.K Jemison, 5 strangers come together to defend New York City. I'm still working through her high fantasy series but I have a feeling her urban fantasy may be more up my sleeve. - Jess


12. Incendiary by Zoraida Cordova 4/28 2020
In this Spanish Inquisition inspired fantasy a girl who can steal memories becomes wrapped up in royal politics. - Kat


13. Running by Natalia Sylvester 5/5/2020
There's been a spotlight on political activism and advocacy these past few years and I'm curious the perspective of this book about a teenage girl watching her Cuban-American father run for president. - Jess

14. Deal With The Devil by Kit Rocha 5/12/2020
Indie authors Kit Rocha make their jump to traditional publishing with this trilogy about mercenary librarians and super soldiers in a post-apocalyptic America. As you do. - Kat

15. Camp - LC Rosen 5/26/2020
Rosen's debut contemporary Jack of Hearts was such a groundbreaking portrayal of teens and sexuality and I can't wait to see what he does in this comedy about teens at a queer summer camp and toxic masculinity. - Kat

16. You Should See Me in A Crown by Leah Johnson 6/2/2020
In Leah Johnson's debut novel a girl who never felt like she belonged in the spotlight runs for prom queen to win a scholarship...and falls for the competition. -Kat

17. Now That I've Found You by Kristina Forest 6/2/2020
I loved Forest's debut and her sophomore novel about a disgraced starlet and delivery boy on an adventure through New York City sounds great. - Kat


18. A Sweet Mess by Jayci Lee 7/14/2020
A Korean-American baker falls for a jaded food critic who gave her a bad review. Also, lol this cover just tickles me! -  Kat

19. Seven Deadly Shadows by Courtney Alameda 7/28/2020
I really want to read more under the radar YA Fantasy and this re-telling of Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai sounds fun. - Kat


20. The Bride Bet by Tessa Dare 8/15/2020
This is pretty much the only historical romance series I'm keeping up with and as long as there are books in this series they will be on this list. I feel like we haven't gotten much about Nicola and I can't wait to see what Dare has in store for her. - Kat

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