Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

Rating: ★★★ | 408 pages | Mystery YA | HarperCollins | Release Date: 10/02/2018
Mia Ferguson and Brynn McNally are the notorious Monsters of Brickhouse Lane. Five years ago they murdered their best friend Summer Marks in the exact way described in their fanfiction and then got away with it. But here’s the thing nobody will believe; they really didn’t do it. On the 5th anniversary of Summer’s death, the former friends reunite to find the truth.

Jess gave me this book for my birthday and it was so much in my wheelhouse. I’ve been a fan of Oliver’s writing since the Delirium series and one of the few true comes stories I’m fascinated by is the Slenderman stabbing. I was excited to see how these elements and fanfiction was going to be used and...I was a little disappointed in the execution. The inclusion of the fanfic didn’t feel natural or realistic and most of what they were “discovering” had no bearing on the mystery.

Also yes, yes, there are some strong Pretty Little Liars vibes, particularly in how the dead girl is treated and the way we go back and forth between past and present to learn not everything is what it seems.

While I enjoyed the ride, the ending did leave me (and judging by the Goodreads question section other readers) somewhat confused. I was left with more questions than answers about why exactly the killer did what they did.

Still, I want to read more mystery YA now !

*stares at copy of Sadie that’s been sitting on my nightstand for 2 years*

*Although, I would like to read something where a female character isn't the one victimized

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