Monday, December 31, 2018

How It Happened by Michael Koryta

Rating: ★★★★ | 10 hrs. 39 min. | Hachette Audio | Release Date: 5/15/18
I love a good mystery thriller and I picked this one up because I saw Christine Lakin was the narrator. Lakin only performs the first chapter of this book and her performance of Kimmy Crepeaux, a guilt-ridden down on her luck, small town twenty-something opioid addict confessing her role in a double murder, was a stand out and chilling performance. Robert Petkoff takes the lead for the rest of the book and captures the anguish and heartbreak that follows the gruesome confession. They both commit to the distinct New England accent without overdoing it.

In most crime stories getting the confession is the end of the story, but for FBI agent Rob Barrett it's just the beginning as he scours the small town of Port Hope, Maine to prove nothing about this crime is what it seems. Koryta makes excellent use of the setting and current events about class, false confessions, and opioid addiction to weave a mystery that forces Barrett to come to terms with what the truth really means.

I've never heard of Michael Koryta and based on what I've read online and seen in bookstores, at just 36 years old, he seems to be part of the new generation of authors behind the so-called "Dad Books" a la Dean Koontz, Lee Childs, and David Baldacci.

I also see on his website that Kroyta is an award-winning journalist, which is probably why Barrett's journalist love interest was portrayed realistically, HOWEVER this means the book fails the Audie Cornish test where the female journalist sleeps with a source.

Next time I need a page-turning read I know exactly where I'll turn.

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