Wednesday, September 6, 2017

New Cover, Who Dis : The Scarlet Series

A.C. Gaughen's  2012 Scarlet series re-imagines Robin Hood as a teenage girl. I remember this series in particular because I met the author at my very first BEA and she gave me some great bookmarks ... which I guess will be outdated because this series just got a makeover.

There has been a trend happening (much to reader's chagrin) where publishers have been re-designing covers halfway through a series, so it's interesting that they've given this series a revamp, nearly 2 years after the series ended.

Could they be priming themselves for A.C's 2018 book ? I'm not sure but let's take a look at the redesign !

I've always thought the original books had a unique cover design. The full face and  hazy illustrated glow reminds me of a few other 2010's YA's like Paranormalcy  and Splintered though there is a slightly dead-eyed look to the cover. They new covers only keep the same color scheme for two of the books, but they all still have the pointed dagger motif. I think the new covers are modern and have a bit more of a darker edge. While the original cover looks a bit more mischievous.

I haven't read this series so I don't know which one matches the books more, but something tells me I'll be seeing the old covers on sale at BookOutlet.

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