Tuesday, March 7, 2017

10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith (Kat's Experience)

Me on Day 1

Me on Day 10

This book was given out at church and I decided to take the challenge  because my eating habits have been awful lately. I blame most of this on Pioneer Woman's queso. When I was in college I never gained the freshman 15 even though I lived on bad food, but once I started working at an office and sitting for 8 hours I started ballooning. My habits got even worse when I moved and couldn't walk to work anymore.  I went into this challenge  not worried so much about weight but about jumpstarting healthy eating habits.

I bought this Ninja blender from Target, it’s a bit pricey and you don’t need it, but the pitcher size makes the whole batch so you don’t have to do two batches.

Let me tell you something;This cleanse isn't easy.  Basically, for 10 days you replace all your meals with green smoothies and eat only raw vegetables or fruit for snacks. During the first few days I got headaches and body aches, which the books says are normal detox symptoms.

Once I got to the 4th day of the cleanse I started coming around a little bit. It was still hard not eating food, but someone gave me a pastry and I could easily put it aside without craving it.  I also started a few new workout classes and some stuff on the Xfit Daily YouTube Channel. I started to feel good about my body and wanted to be more thoughtful about what I was putting  into it.

Despite all the growing pains I’m glad I did it. I’ve kinda gotten to a complacent place in my life where I don’t challenge myself anymore, I don’t do things that seem difficult and I was glad I not only tried but completed this. It’s motivated me to do things I thought I couldn’t do.

The Green Smoothie Cleanse Facebook page was an amazing resource for me during the challenge. Seeing all the success stories and everyone's pics of how the prepare for the cleanse kept me motivated. JJ also posts new tips and  GSC approved snacks that aren't in the book.

I plan to make a few changes to keep up with the better eating habits. Here’s what I plan to do:

  • Keep white bread, beef and dairy as a sometimes food. 
  • Drink more water with meals
  • No more soda 
  • Eat more more vegetables 
  • Continue drinking smoothies for breakfast 
  • Workout three times a week 
  • Continue with drinking ACV or Detox Tea 
If the full cleanse is too hard there is modified version where you can eat a regular meal for dinner. I also ordered JJ's newest book, Green Smoothie For Life, and it has some yummy looking recipes !

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