Wednesday, December 30, 2015

16 Things We Want To Do in 2016

1. Read More Genres
I want to up the genre diversity of my reading. I’ve noted some readers pick their monthly reads and post them on Tumblr, so I think I'll do the same and make sure I have a mix of YA, literary, romance and SFF.

2. Graphic Novels
I’ve put this on my list every year, this is the easiest thing to do and yet I never get to it. This year, though.

3. Days of David Levithan
I don’t even want to know what year I started this but I would like to finish. I do think I'll allow myself to skip ones that don't interest me.

4. Sarah Dessen Catch Up
I just noticed I started a lot of Sarah Dessen books and then never finish them with 40 pages or so
less. I'd really like to play catch up on these books.

5. Read 100 books
I think I’ve got my mojo back after a few years so I’m going to attempt it. I think between the romance blog and this one I can make it happen.

6. Virginia is For Book Lovers
Jess and I have been working on this post for years and this time we are going to do it.

7. Big Papa Books
We like big  books and we cannot lie. Just kidding, not really but we'd like to read 1 or 2 of those
900+ page behemoths.

8. Challenges
I'm signing up for the Pop Sugar and Debut authors challenge.

I have downloaded bunch of fonts and would love to make some downloadable bookmarks that other readers can print out or use on print-to-order sites.

10. Newsletter
I'd like to condense the blog down into a bi-weekly e-mail as a way to build our audience. Blogging is mostly for fun but I'd like to see if we can get a group of engaged readers.

11. Get Active
I want to get more active in the blogging community. Kat participated in  a great feature this year and I want to do something like that in 2016. Sign me up !

12. Read More Print
I know one of the reasons I don't sit down and read alot is because I love to multi-task, so audiobooks are 80 percent of the way I read. My goal is to sit down and read at least five physical books.

13. Binge Read
In the vein of Days of David Levithan I want to binge read one author or series. For strictly YA I'm thinking of Falling Kingdoms or maybe the works of Daniel Jose Older.

14. Attend BookExpo America
I've been visiting NYC my whole life so going to BEA in NYC every other year was no big deal. This year BEA is in Chicago. I hope things work out so I can attend in a city I've never been to before. It'd be a real adventure.

15. Podcast
 I say this every year but I think it's be cool to do a podcast. I didn't realize until we were interviewed for a local blog, but I actually have quite a bit to say about YA.

16. Drop Caps
I want to read some literary fiction to round out  my reading. Because I like pretty things I plan to read two books from Penguin's dropcaps.

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