Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We're Going To BookCon 2014

On May 31st you can find Kat and I at BookCon 2014  in New York City!

We've had our ups and downs about going but it is now a go. At the beginning of the year I immediately signed up for Power Readers day since I knew I couldn't swing all three days of  BEA  due to another big trip.  So, when I got the e-mail  that Power Reader's Day was now BookCon I was. . . skeptical

At first, I didn't understand their focus on combining pop culture with books. I liked to think BookCon exists because of the popularity of Power Reader's Day, and those who came to Power Reader's day came with just the lure of books and reading.

BookCon's lack of diversity in  programming also didn't help. However, when #WeNeedDiverseBooks started their campaign, I was amazed by their accomplishments and how  BookCon got its act together and included more diversity plus a  #WeNeedDiverseBooks panel. 

We will be writing up our experiences and hopefully BookCon will grow into an event that stays after BEA leaves NYC and maybe even branch out to other cities. 

Let's not forget to mention all the Virginia YA authors who will be in the house (Ellen Oh, Maggie Stiefvater, Lamar Giles) . If you live in the New York Area, tickets may still be available for $30.

Find Us At These Panels

10am- 11 am 
The World Agrees: #WeNeedDiverseBooks

11am-11:30 pm
MacMillian Reading Groups Editor's Pick Panel

12:30pm - 1:30 pm
BookTuber On-site  Meet up

3:00 -3:45
The Evolution of A Book Cover

Book Blogger Happy Hour

We are also going to try and stop by the Book Blogger Happy Hour. #BEABloggermeetandDrink

You may also find us noming on a slice of NYC pizza, visiting the E.L.F Store  and The Warby Parker Shop 

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