Tuesday, January 14, 2014

14 Things You'll See On Books and Sensibility in 2014

It's 2014 and to ring in the new year, we've been counting by 14's ! Join us as we remember last year, and get ready for 2014.

1. Monthly Vlogs / Booktube
We experimented with vlogs before, but never with any consistency. This year we will try doing at least one or two a month. Maybe a stacking the shelves, book review or tag.

2. 25 Under 25 Part 3 ...maybe ?
For the past two years we've done a feature where we list 25 Authors Published Under 25  and hopefully this happens again. We've already started a list and hopefully we can find enough for part 3 !

3. Kat Reads Manga (and Graphic Novels)
This was one of the first features we had on the blog, but fizzled out after only two posts. I'd like to start working on reading and reviewing more manga and graphic novels.

4. Infographics
While it was frustrating at times, I liked creating an infographic of our 2013 year in review. I want to do more of these as I am reading through out the year.

5. Days of David Levithan
I started this project last summer and I plan to continue  into into 2014 as I try and read all of Levithan's novels.

6. More Thematic Reviews
This year, we grouped a few reviews together because the books had similar themes. I'd like to do more of this, maybe comparing an adult and YA book with similar themes.

7. A Bookshelf Tour
Jess and I live in the same apartment and six months ago we re-did our bookshelves.This year we are going to work on getting  a post together to show off how we store our books.

8.  Diverse Reading
This is my big project for 2014. I want to read at least 50% of YA and fiction written by or primarily about POC. There have been  a lot of articles in 2013 about low stats for novels by or featuring  POC. This is something I want to explore this year. - Jess

9. More Adult fiction
While we primarily read YA, this year you'll see a mix of romance, urban fantasy and literary fiction. It may not all have YA crossover but it is my way of changing up my reading experience. - Jess

10. TOR Reading Month
So in connection to the above resolution I'll be working on a full month were I will be reading and reviewing only TOR novels.

11. More collected works reading
Between 2012's Summer of Sarah Desen and 2013's Days of David Levithan I think there is something  great about reading an entire author's works. Elizabeth Scott, Scott Westerfield or Matt De La Pena are in the running for 2014.

12. Movie Adaptation Reviews
I'm always a little late to the game when it comes to adaptations but with Divergent, TFIOS and Vampire Academy all coming out in 2014 I hope to write reviews on how the film was adapted.

13. The Sense List Monthly ?
The Sense List started out as a weekly list of YA News but I found the monthly installments to be more popular. So this year I'm going to try and produce 12 Sense List. - Jess

14. Printz Charming
I've been pretty interested in the work that goes into the Printz Award, one of the few literary awards for YA. This year, I'd like for us to read and review the 2013 shortlist and winner to see what we can discover.


  1. Thanks ! If you see any young authors be sure to send their names our way !

  2. I love Tor! Their cover artists are awesome! One of my goals this year is to sit down and fall in love with some sci-fi novels. I've only read a couple in my life. :X I just picked up Mistborn but got distracted and then it was due back. But I put it on hold again, so I'm pretty excited to finish it. :)

  3. So many great things happening on your blog! I am eager to check out Kat's Graphic Novel and manga series. I started getting into graphic novels about a year ago and I am looking to branch out my horizons a little. The Printz award also look promising. Working in libraries, I am familiar with the Printz award and I can tell you that you are probably going to LOVE what you find. It's the best of the best when it comes to YA novels.

    One author I would recommend is Lindsay Cummings. She writes The Murder Complex series that is going to start this year. I think she is only 20 years old!! She also has several other books coming out this year.

  4. I love seeing bookshelves and how people organize their books! Mine is a complete mess right now. lol I like the sounds of 25 under 25 too! What great resolutions!

  5. You have so many great ideas. I wish I was that innovative. The Tor month and the Printz Charming sounds good. I should try to do some themes too.


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