Monday, November 18, 2013

Build A Blog On A Budget : Blog Design

I don't know what it is but I'm always on the lookout for a deal. I wouldn't call myself frugal but whenever I can save a few dollars or get a great product for an amazing deal I do a mental happy dance. With that in mind I decided to great a mini blog series on how I Build A Blog On A Budget. Here I'll share the tips and tricks I use to blog like a pro with little to no budget.

* UPDATED 8/7/15 with more goodies !

Design & Graphics
Content is always key when it comes to blogging, but adding a few extra graphics can help give your blog that personal touch.
Features hundreds of gorgeous and mostly free stock art. Be sure to read the licenses to see what is and isn't allowed!
Cost : Free (read licenses)

Sxc. Hu
Looking to add some free royalty-free stock images, this is the place to look.
Cost : Free (read licenses)

I love this site! It is a modge podge of Free resources  Everything from blog tutorials to printables
Cost : Free 

This is the place to find hundreds of fonts. They are constantly updated and you can spend hours browsing.
Cost : Free 

It's not Photoshop or Illustrator but Inkscape can help you create cute customizable graphics, blog buttons or banners. Don't know where to start ? you can find 100 of tutorials at
Cost : Free 

Pre-Made Blog Layouts
This is where I got our first blog layout from! There is so much variety and you can mix and match headers and backgrounds!
Cost: Free

Search Blogger or Wordpress templates and you'll find a ton of variety. Etsy has multiple graphic designers with tons of pricing options, so you can find exactly what you need.
Cost : $15 - $30
Personal Faves ! : 17thAvenue Designs  , Vefio Themes and GlamBlogs

Clean and trendy designs. This website has a blog design for every budget. They include both Wordpress and Blogger.
Cost : $15-50$

An artsy graphic design website that features some amazing freebies as well as blogger templates. It also features some premium tutorials and resources for free.
Cost : Free
You would be surprised how adding just a background to your blog can make it stand out. 
Cost : Free


  1. Thanks! I'm always on the look out for things I can use for my blog. Fab N free looks promising :D

  2. SO agreed on the Etsy suggestion. I had mine custom designed through a fabulous designer on Etsy for $25 and get compliments all the time. I feel like I owe her way more than what I spent!

  3. I love this! Can't wait to share it. I have lots of friends that will love this.

    I also love Fab n Free. I think it's a great site!


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