Sunday, June 9, 2013

Top Ten Moments from BookExpo America

This year we  focused on video so we could make a vlog about BEA. . . however with Kat's computer out of commission it might be a while so, here is our BEA coverage in list form !

1. BEA Bloggers Conference
We really enjoyed the BEA Bloggers conference this year more than last.  The sessions were separated  by YA and  Adult. This Ihelped make the conversation more tailored. It was awesome hearing some of our  favorite bloggers speak in person.  After the session on blogging platforms we might be ready to convert to Wordpress. . . maybe.

2. Teen Author Carnival
One of the highlights from Teen Author Carnival was hearing about how the cover of David Levithan's Two Boys Kissing was made. It was taken by a teenage photographer.

3. Meet N Greet (Jess)
This year I found myself meeting and chatting with more librarians/teachers than book bloggers. I even met a charter school principal who was going to use signed books and ARCs to encourage her kids to improve their test scores.

4. The Bloggers
We met so many great bloggers. Everyone was so nice and stylish ! Special shout outs to Ashling from Reading Writing and Anything But Arithmetic, Alyssia from Mocha Girls Reads, Emily from Love YA Lit, Asher from Paranormal Indulgence, Mandee from Vegan YA Nerds  Allison from Allison Can Read (who we meant to get a pic with) La'Mecia from Rotten Apple Reads and her sister Ta'Necia from Never Ending Stories and so many more !

5. Getting The Word Out There
Unlike last year, Kat and I made an effort to go to publishers we read the most and talk with publicist about Books and Sensibility.

6. Barnes and Noble's Union Square Penguin Signing.
Kat and I are big Sarah Dessen and Marie Lu fans so we had to go to the Penguin author event in Union Square ! We showed up late (I had to go to the ELF store and  had some Famous Famigila Pizza) but standing up in the back was the best seat in the house. Richelle Mead has so many fans so we had to skip over her. I've linked to  Marie Lu's fanart on her website and we asked her if she would draw something in the book.  I was expecting a logo or something instead she drew Day and June.

7. Holly Black
We went to the Holly Black signing and I told her how much I love the Curse Worker's audiobook and she said how surprised she was that t Jesse Eisenberg was willing to do the sequel audiobooks even though he was Facebook-movie famous.

8. The Food
New York City is the place for foodies. We didn't have time to try everything we wanted but we did try Korean fried chicken, Pinkberry (the New York ones are better than the DC ones) and ramen.

9. The Publicists (Kat)
A lot of the time the long lines at BEA are manned by people in the publications marketing or PR staff. While
waiting in line I got to chat with publicists about the books they were most excited about  and a few times they left their station to go and get me the galley we were just talking about. They were so awesome ! Siena, who works in publicity at Simon and Schuster had this cute Life's A Witch phone case !

10. Dr. Who Fans (Kat)
I whipped out myTARDIS phone case for BEA. It was a nice icebreaker for when I met Robyn Schnieder who is a big Dr. Who fan. One woman saw it and told me she and her husband incorporated a Dr. Who quotes into their wedding.


  1. So nice to meet you at BEA and glad you had a fun time!

  2. It was so nice to meet you too, Sash ! I can't wait to start Dan Krokos' book !

  3. Glad you two had a great time! Love the pictures. :)

  4. Awesome! Sounds like you ladies had a fabulous time!


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