Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cover Reveal : Uriel by Aaron Patterson (Airel Saga #3)

Cover Reveal
Uriel by Aaron Patterson, Chris White (Airel #3)


All she wanted was to live her own life…

When heroes start to tell lies, even to themselves: Uriel. She’s spent thousands of years fighting against her destiny, fighting against her bereaved father, against El Himself.

“It’s just one letter, but it’s my letter, father…”

Once more, we see how the evil deeds of the past play out in the following generations, and with grave consequences—and startling revelations.

Betrayal, deceit, and murder are unavoidable in Uriel, Book 3 of the Airel saga.

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  1. Ooh~ First time seeing this book! Thanks for sharing it with us! Do you like this saga?

  2. I was sent the first book to read and review by the publisher. I couldn't make it through. It just wasn't for me. But the covers of this series are so beautiful Especially the last two.

  3. Ive read both Ariel & Micheal ....I think they were dramatic & captivating.


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