Saturday, March 10, 2012

Book Review: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

"Am I a player in this scenario or a puppet ? I guess, in the end, it doesn't matter. It is what it is: my destiny."
- Cynthia Hand, Unearthly

So, seriously Harper Teen is the best ! I got this book for .99 on my Kindle over the holiday season. Before that, it wasn't even on my radar , it was just another pretty girl in a pretty dress cover.

I'm not  a big fan of paranmormal romances. To me they all tend to be the same and have the similar kind of ugh-inducing female protagonist who doesn't exist outside of the new guy they met. And while Unearthly falls victim to some of the usual tropes in paranormal romance (new person in school, love interest is dating mean girl, single parent . . .) I took a liking to it.

Unearthly is a slow paced, yet slightly witty story of Clara Gardner, a teenage angel who has just received her purpose--the major responsibility of angels. She and her family move to Wisconsin for her to put the pieces of her purpose together and of course she gets a few hitches and surprises along the way.

I'll be honest, this novel isn't plot rich. I mean things happen, but the overall plot is more talked about and theorized more than we see things happen. There are some interesting ideas and concepts introduced, but there isn't enough follow through. The ending felt very rushed to me.

I think Clara comes close to being an autonomous female protagonist. She is shown to have purposes and determination outside of the male characters in her life. This book also steers clear of insta-love. However, I think Clara is very much controlled by others and doesn't know how to be herself.

The male characters were okay. I don't think we learn enough about Christian Prescott. We know what he does, but not  why he does them. I liked how Tucker Avery was developed throughout the series, he played the jerk in a believable and likable way.

 While this book isn't bad, it's nothing spectacular or new. I hope we get more in the sequel, Hallowed. I'm not anxiously awaiting it, but I will make time to read it this year.

I'm really upset this show got passed over to have a pilot on the CW. I think it would have been an awesome addition. I think the first book alone has the flexibility to be made  into 22 episodes.


  1. I reaaaally liked Unearthly, but trust me when I say, Hallowed is WAY better. So much more emotion. I cried a little. It was just... oh, gosh. Hand blew me away with the sequel. So glad you enjoyed the story, though :)


  2. I love the paranormal genre, but not so much paranormal romance. I agree that there is often a lot of overused tropes - that's why I try and alternate the genres I read. But I know what you mean, like *eye roll* how can all these books have a new person in school, etc.

    I haven't been sucked into the angel trend yet, and while I really like the cover for Unearthly (less so for its sequel), I think I'll just admire from afar.


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