Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meeting Night Circus Author Erin Morgensten

Erin Morgenstern author of The Night Circus

We have been excited about attending this event at Politics & Prose ,after finding out about it online a few months ago.

We wanted to be sure to get front row seats and a parking space ,so we arrived two hours early.

It's a good thing Modern Time Coffeehouse, a charming coffee shop, is in the basement of the store. We had some hot chocolate and lemon macaroons while the booksellers set up for the event.

Oh, the latte art. This is made with Callebaut chocolate !

Morgenstern has a quaint and electric personality that made everyone in attendance smile. She has a background in theater which really showed when she read passages from The Night Circus, her voice hit all the right marks and ever so often she lifted her eyes to  engage the audience. Seriously, she should have done the audio book.

Look at the shoes she wore !

She discussed how The Night Circus started off as "men in fur coats acting mysterious" and how she tweaked and played with it during NaNoWriMo. Morgenstern explained how getting out the right plot was difficult. In fact, the main plot was added last--I think this is something a lot of reviewers pick up on.

I was surprised to learn that it had only taken two years to finish the manuscript and have it published. I would have imagned it would take longer. She also explained  The Night Circus is in talks to be made into a film by Summit Entertainment and produced by David Heyman. Erin was very humble about her success and if anything has made me like The Night Circus more.

It says 'be a dreamer' !


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  1. Everyone seems to have really enjoyed this book! I hope I find some time to read it.

    Maycee (Alaska Fishing Lodges)

  2. HOw did I miss this post?! I'm obsessed with the Night Circus, and I've heard such amazing things about Erin Morgenstern. I'm so jealous you got to meet her. I think that's fantastic. Thanks for posting it!


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