Saturday, January 18, 2020

Books and Sensibility By The Numbers 2019 !

It's that time of year where we crunch the numbers from the books we've reviewed on this blog in 2019. We keep track using a review tracking spreadsheet in Google Sheets and turn it into an infographic on Canva. This isn't indicative of all our reading because the romance blog has its own stats and there are books we've read that haven't been reviewed.

Genre Breakdown
33.9% YA  Fantasy
28% YA Contemporary
7.5% Adult Fantasy
5.6% YA Mystery

5.6% YA Sci-Fi
3.7% Adult Fiction

3.7% Mystery Adult
1.8% Adult Non-Fiction
1.8% YA Non-Fiction
1.8% Adult Sci-Fi
1.8%YA Anthology
1.8% Horror
1.8% Dystopian

Diversity / Demographics
28% books written by POC authors
~ 45% books narrated by POC narrators
7% books featured characters with disability
46 books written by female authors
7 books written by male authors
1 written by a nonbinary author

Overall the stats are exactly what I expected, although things are a little skewed because I read the first five books in the Grisha Series (just couldn't get to King of Scars)  which is why Macmillian is showing up as a popular publisher. I also think it's interesting that Scribd and Audible are neck and neck because there was a point where I was done with Scribd after having technical issues and a low selection.  I'm glad I gave the app a second chance.

I compared this year to last year and there aren't too many differences. The SFF number is significantly higher than last year's 29% but like Jess, I read the Grisha series and Crooked Kingdom so those got counted twice.Our number of LGBQA protagonists went up 18% and I think as more books are published LGBTQ characters that number will only go up.

*Includes The Bellewether which is Contemporary with Historical elements.

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