Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Kat's Crooked Kingdom Review (in Gifs)

I finished Crooked Kingdom so it's time for a GIF review! 

All the twists and turns had me like

When I realized this book had a major Grisha series spoiler
Yes, yes, I read this even though I never  finished the Grisha series yet

All the flashbacks

Some of the flashbacks had flashbacks

The romantic pairings

I'm just not on board for most of the canon ships 

Unpopular opinion: Kaz is a Draco in Leather Pants and I don't find the way he treats people endearing

Nina and Inej though

The Jesper and Kaz fight

The full cast's audiobook performance

Narrator Laura Fortgang's narration in particular
She was a better Kaz than the Kaz narrator

Me at the end of this book

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book

But I do think Six of Crows was a better, tighter, story

Off to read the Grisha series now so I can fully understand the world building and character moments that went over my head.

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