Saturday, November 7, 2015

Books and Sensibility @ New York Comic Con

Kat and I were invited super last minute by our older brother who we will call, BC to attend New York Comic Con. For whatever reason he's decided to become a blerd in his 30's. I've really just been slowly learning more about comics and had only read one. . .

Fortunately BC had a backpack full of comics so I could educate myself on the trip down .  I read SAGA Vol 1 ) and three issues of We Stand On Guard So basically I got a mini lesson in Brian K Vaughn.

We arrived right in the middle of day three, first we dropped our stuff off at our downtown hotel (which was decorated with books !) and went up to Javits. You could instantly feel the energy and excitement  of all of the fans.

The cosplay was amazing ! There were a lot of Deadpools, Captain Americas and Peter Quill from Guardians of The Galaxy. All different genders and races.

We walked the floor a little bit and then Kat and  I went to the YA Lit Panel. One of the books that stuck out to me was Soman Chainani's School of Good and Evil series. He is a Disney fanboy and I'm curious to see how he draws inspiration from this.

Afterward we went back up to the floor, I only knew about a few comics  so I didn't do any buying (I mean no one had copies of Lumberjanes or Bitch Planet left.)  Honestly, It' just cool to walk around and watch the cosplayers and their creativity. I did get a Shadowhunter flash tattoo.

One of the last stops we made was at the Afrofuturist booth were we met Afua Richardson who has done art for Marvel, DC and Image.  She had so much great art for sale and I picked up a Powerpuff girl print,

I didn't realize how great it was to see a black female artist in such a male dominate industry. She had a whole set of Powerpuff girl prints and as I was flipping though I choose the one I did because she was drawn with her hair straightened like mine (also . . . cupcake) . There was also one with a puff and one with braids. The point is I could choose. There wasn't just the one black one.

Slightly related, I also wonder  why  the media loves to present nerd and comic conventions as places where nerdy loser white guys fantasize about being heroes. That's just not the case. I can't tell you how many women and families I saw hanging out. I mean I saw plenty of male superheros with babies strapped to them.
THIS was the hotel lobby

Afterwords we went to Midtown comics (again sold out of single issues of Lumberjanes and Bitch Planet) and then to a cool Japanese bookstore, Kinokuniya.  We had some Gyro's at Gyro II an the Tzaki was amazing ! I usually don't like it. On the way home we stopped in Philly for Cheesesteaks at Iskabibbles. I had something called a Gremlin to drink.

A very busy weekend. It totally wasn't the way I would have done NYCC (I would have had my schedule and hotel weeks in advance)  but it was a great primer for next year!

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