Friday, May 30, 2014

Our YA Genre Kryptonite

GENRE KRYPTONITE [zhahn-ruh kryptonite]
1. That moment when your TBR pile is overflowing, your to-read list on Goodreads is overwhelming, and then  you see THIS TYPE OF BOOK it makes it's way on to your pile, no excuses needed. 

Magical Realism 

 Kind of a loaded term and often hard to pick out but I like when a realistic story is sprinkled with a magical element that isn't explained or central to the plot. These are worlds where you can curse with your bare hands or you find a portal to an alternate version of your life or you just wake up in a new body everyday.  I always have an issue with going "full paranormal", so these books are perfect for me.

Non-traditional / Experimental Narrative

 If a book is written in more than straight up prose, I always find it compelling because I feel like an active participant as I put the story together. My favorites include Lover's Dictionary written in dictionary entries, Night Film written in newspapers and websites or Chopsticks which is literally written in images.

Full Cast Audiobooks

These are actually pretty rare, but I like when different POVS have different narrators, it helps make the story feel more grounded.

High Concept

What's that ? Cinderella retold if Cinderella was a cyborg ? A retelling of a classic H.G Wells novel ? Three teens last days before a world-ending disaster ? Count me in. I love novels that take a simple idea and then turn it on it's head. Admittedly more of theses get added to my TBR pile than read but I love keeping an eye out.


So, this is an oddly specific one but if Rebecca Soler, Khristine Hvam or Luke Daniels are doing an audiobook, you can bet I'm going to pick it up. They have each narrated some of my favorite audiobooks and when I see their names I know I am in  for a great performance at the very least.

Third Person Omniscient

A lot YA is written in first person, so when I come across a novel written in third person it's worth the read. I like having someone tell the story instead of having to only live in one character's head.  The Raven Boys, Daughter of Smoke and Bone  are just a couple of my favorites.

So...what's your book kryptonite ? Let us know in the comments !


  1. I'm a fan of experimental narrative, too! I'm halfway through Night Film, and I really enjoy the websites and stuff, and I also use the app that comes along with it. Pretty cool. The only other book I've read that has something similar is Jay Asher's The Future of Us, it contains facebook entries, but unfortunately, I didn't like that book all that much. And probably the occasional SMS in Victoria Schwab's The Unbound. I'm always excited when I come across authors who use more unconventional ways of telling their stories.

  2. Oh, very interesting topic. I def love the high concept ones. Great selection. I've gotten into audio recently and def have to check out those narrators. They can def make or break a book for me.


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