Saturday, September 17, 2011

Read it 1st; Four Movies Better Than The Book !

 Readit1st is a new campaign that encourages people to read books before seeing the movie versions. I have taken the pledge, but that got me thinking--while anyone can make a list of books better than movie adaptations, I  decided to make a list of movies as good as (if not better) than the original book.


This Louis Sacher novel is a classic for teens, but the movie version stands on it's own. A pretty impressive feat considering Disney's known for its bowdlerization. This is also the movie that really introduced us to  Shia Lebouf as a big-screen actor. There are so many nuances in the book and the movie paid homage to all of them without being a scene-by-scene remake. Plus there is a catchy soundtrack.


Everyone has their own ideas about Twilight, but if you have read the book and seen the movie you know Catherine Hardwicke did her thing with the movie. There are characters like Tyler, Ben, Angela and especially Jessica who are flat in the book, yet so dynamic in the films. Not to mention the scenes she added to more thoroughly tell the story like the graduation caps !

Chronicles of Narnia

I finally read this book in high school in anticipation for the movie release. I was sitting in the theater, just waiting for the movie to diverge from the book and it never really did. The ending scene was pretty amazing and breathtaking.

Angels & Demons

When it comes to The Da Vinci Code film we were all a little shocked by Tom Hanks hair and bored by the long monologues. However, Angels & Demons picked up the slack. I have read the book multiple times and this movie kept me guessing. Ewan McGregor really stole the show in this movie.

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  1. I have only seen Twilight to compare to it's novel predecessor, but I agree on that one. I also think, but for the mashing of a few significant items, Memoirs of a Geisha tried very hard to stay true to the book and was all the better for it.


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