Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Books Pairings : Podcasts

 Every now and then I'll hear a podcast episode and think "THIS IS JUST LIKE THAT ONE BOOK" So, today I'm pairing amazing podcast episodes with some of Books and Sensibility's favorite books.

Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins
Radiolab: Ally's Choice
In Jenkin's Forbidden Rhine Fontaine, a former salve, is passing as white in the American Wild West. If you think passing  is a thing of the past then you need hear this story from this Peabody Award winning science podcast about the residents of East Jackson, Ohio.

Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen
Snap Judgement Episode 519: End of The Line "Bandoola"
Water For Elephants explores the idea that  animals and humans are more connected that we think. The podcast Snap Judgement is storytelling with a beat and in the episode we learn about a what happens when Burmese refugees, an elephant tamer and elephants reach a literal rock and hard place. The bond between man, animal and nature is put to the test. Sometimes you just have to trust the elephant in the room.

Fresh Off The Boat by Eddie Huang
99pi  Episode 192: "Pagodas and Dragon Gates"
Hosted by Roman Mars 99pi looks at the invisible parts of design. This episode explains how Chinese Americans neighborhoods in the early 20th century were made to appeal to White America's nostalgia and exoticism of ancient China. In the same vein Eddie Huang's memoir looks at the modern day problems of Asian Americans who resist White washing.

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
Tanis Podcast
What's real and what's not real ? Both of these fictional tales are about heroes searching for something mystical and intangible. While Gansey from The Raven Boys  is obsessed with a mythical ley line, Tanis host Nic Silver searches for a mysterious presence in the Pacific Northwest  that could explain everything. . . and nothing at all. And I'm sure Gansey would love what  Nic says at the end of each episode: don't stop looking.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Winter by Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles #4)

The Lunar Chronicles series is like a snowball rolling down a hill. We start off with the singular story of Cinder, a plucky cyborg mechanic. Cinder discovers she might be something more and soon a viscous plague, the future of the empire and the fate of a moon kingdom might be in her hands

As we roll down the hill with each book in the series we pick up new characters and story lines that are all incorporating and mixing together to form the giant snow ball finale that is Winter, which comes in at 900 pages or 23 hours of audio. 

While the sweet and quirky Princess Winter is our titular character this book brings the entire gang together (Cinder, Thorne, Iko, Cress, Scarlet, Wolf and Kai) for one last mission to overthrow Queen Levana. Meyers just knows how to juggle a cast of characters. But she probably didn't need to do it in so many pages. There were a lot of section I felt weren't necessary.

At some point I forgot this series was based on fairytales because of how original Meyer's world building is. Sometimes I would catch glimpses of the original tales and  it really shows how a good  adaptation can work, especially with Winter's story. Can I just say Winter has the designation of being the character most Disney Princess-like ? Right down to the loving animals and breaking out into song.

My final note on this series is that I really zeroed in on how Meyer's played with inverting the damsel in distress role. I mean Kai really takes on a lot of roles generally assumed by female characters.

As always Rebecca Soler did an amazing job on the audio and if you grab the audiobook there is an interview with Soler and Meyer at the end. 


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