Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tied Up With Tie-Ins : Part 2

One of my favorite post from the early days of Books and Sensibility had to be the one Kat did in 2011 on movie tie-in covers, Tied Up With Tie-Ins. A lot of film adaptations have come out since then so, I figured it was time to revisit the post !

James Franco is Not in This Book
A lot less subtle than that "Now A Major Motion Film" sticker, these movie tie-in covers put well known actors face-forward on the cover. It's a great way to attract  fans of the actor to check out the book. One of the best examples of  this  was the tie-in for William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying.

Instead of  using  actors faces some movie tie-ins pick an element synonymous with the series and implement them into tie-in cover. This is especially interesting choices for book The Hobbit and World War Z that featured well known actors who could have been displayed face first.

Slap The Authors Name On It
At a quick glance these images may look like just movie posters, but they aren't ! These are probably the most common type of tie-ins, where the only difference between the book cover and the poster is the addition of the author's name. These cover seems to be popular books featuring with ensemble casts. Although,you'd think Logan Lerman would have his own cover by now.

What are your favorite tie-in covers ? Do you own any of these ?


  1. I read and saw 12 Years. The book as always is soo much better. The movie did not feel like 12 Years had passed. But a great book.


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