Sunday, October 6, 2013

25 Authors Published Under 25 Volume Two : Welcome

Last spring after learning how young many 2012 debut authors were, we embarked on a search to  create a list of 25 Authors Published Under 25 . . .  and we did. Now we are back again ! After months of collecting names and researching we are ready for 25 Authors Published Under 25 Part Two.

As a blog that focuses on books for young adults, we hope our series on 25 Authors Published Under 25 displays the talent of young authors and inspire young writers to continue writing and developing their skills.

Our Authors

  1. Part 1 : The Teenaged Dreams
  2. Part 2 : The 2013-2014 Debuts
  3. Part 3 : Wattpadders and Youtubers
  4. Part 4 : . . . And They Got A Film
  5. Part 5 : The Comeback Kids
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  1. Very cool idea! I'm just over 25 myself, and I"m still working towards getting published, but I have to say that I'd really admire anyone younger than me that's published. Writing a book is really, really hard work!


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