Monday, July 2, 2012

Hey, I Know That Voice ! : Famous Voices in YA Audiobooks

What do audio books and the red carpet have in common ? The stars ! Some of Hollywood's hottest stars lent their voices not to Pixar, but to some of our YA audiobooks.

Jesse Eisenberg
Academy Award nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg brings his awkward charm and slight New York accent to numerous audiobook including Holly Black's Curse Workers series. It was announced at BookExpo America that he will  narrate the 2012 novel Colin Fischer by debut authors Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz.

Alan Cumming
With his low Scottish lilt, this Emmy Award nominated actor is know for his various roles on popular television shows. Cummings lends his voice to Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan series, which is a perfect fit because of his knack of emulating all the accents !

Elijah Wood
No, he didn't do the Lord Of The Rings audio book, Wood (along with James Patterson himself), narrates James Pattersons' Witch & Wizard Series.

Ed Westwick

 Ed Westwick is no stranger to YA fans, starring as Chuck Bass in CW's  Gossip Girl. This young British actor brings Cassandra Clare's London-based Infernal Devices series to life.


  1. Jesse is one of my favorite narrators. I love his geeky sounding voice, especially in The Curseworkers series, although I've heard him in others. I tried listening to Leviathan also, but I couldn't get into the story. Alan is a great narrator though :) This is a fun post, thanks for sharing!

  2. I know, I love Jesse's voice too. He is also really good a fluxing and changing it for the different characters There is actually someone at my job who talks kind of similar to him ...

  3. Oh Ed Westwick. I LOVED listening to his voice when he narrated the books. So swoony.

  4. I'm just getting into audio books, so hopefully one day I'll experience each of these guys. I'm curious about how Elijah Wood sounds on an audio book.

  5. I haven't actually heard him on the audiobook, I'm glad to hear he is good. I

  6. I'm curious about Elijah Wood too. I totally suggest you start with Jesse doing White Cat, it is so addicting !

  7. Wow!! Thanks Jess for sharing something that we don't usually see on our blogroll!! And omg, that last one definitely was the bomb <3 I never knew that!!!! OHMYGOD!!! I wonder who he voiced...maybe I should have held the audio book from the library instead for Clockwork Prince...

    Anyhow, awesome post!!! <3
    Vivian @

  8. April @ My Shelf ConfessionsJuly 4, 2012 at 4:48 PM

    I'm not big into audiobooks - just have a hard time getting into them. But this was fascinating! It does totally make a HUGE difference on who is narrating the novel when it comes to audio. Definitely an awesome post! :D

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

  9. From what I understand, this audiobook has two narrators with the other being female. I'm guessing Ed Westwick does all the Will POV or something. It's kind of strange since the book is in third person.

  10. I'm the exact opposite, I love audiobooks ! You are right though, narration makes a huge difference. It is so easy to be pulled out of the story if the narration is not good.

  11. He was perfect ! I'm glad he did the entire series.


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