Saturday, June 2, 2012

If These Books Were Judged By Their Covers : Face Off

The more books I read, the more that saying don't judge a book by it's cover goes out the window.  A trend I've noticed is the couple close up. To me this usually says I'm about to dive into a contemporary romance focusing on the relationship of two characters. So, who do you think did the face off better ?


  1. I really like Chopsticks because it isn't as close up, and has a creative font, etc. My second favourite would be When You Were Mine - I just like the font, placement and photo.

  2. The Chopsticks cover is really cool. The typography is really different, not something you usually see, which makes me want to see what the novel is about. Something Like Normal would be my #2 pick.

    1. The Chopsticks cover is even more amazing in person. It always caught my eye in the bookstore.


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