Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Authors Talk to Teens @ Hooray For Books : Jessica Shea, Tifffany Trent and Caitlin Kitteridge

Hooray For Books, a children's book store in Alexandria, VA, hosted a teen author panel with Jessica Spotswood (Born Wicked), Tiffany Trent (The Unnaturalists, Corsets and Clockwork) and Caitlin Kitteridge (The Iron Codex, Corsets and Clockwork)

Here are some highlights from the event :

Jessica Spotswood, Born Wicked
  • The YA book she's most looking forward to is Bitterblue by Kirsten Cashore
  • The next book in the Cahill Witch Chronicles is called Star Cursed

Caitlin Kittredge, The Iron Thorn, Corsets & Clockwork

  • The YA book she's most looking forward to is Black Heart by Holly Black ! YAY !!
  • The next book in the Iron Codex series is called The Mirrored Shard
  • Counting her adult books, Caitlin has written 13 books ! 

Tiffany Trent,Corsets & Clockwork,  The Unnaturalists  (August 2012)
  • The YA book she's most looking forward to is Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers
  • Trent helped choose the model on the cover of the book. Isn't the cover is striking !
  • Trent doesn't like outlines, I guess she is a pantser

Jacklyn Dolomoere  was in the audience and she drew this picture next to her short story in Corsets & Clockwork ! Her novel Magic Under Glass is 2.99 on Amazon Kindle. 

The authors were funny and charming. We are  excited for The Unnaturalists to come out. A review of Born Wicked will be up soon. Hopefully next time i'll have a better grasp of using my camera phone !


  1. Aww. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I wish we had more author signings around here!

  2. Ditto to Jade's comment. I wish I knew about this one! It seems all the signings are in California or New York and everywhere but here!

    1. Hi Sherre ! We were really surprised at how many signings were in the Virginia area until we started looking. Check out local bookstores, libraries and festivals. Most of the ones we've been to were not overly publicized.


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