Friday, December 23, 2011

Shopping Guide For The Bookish Types : Something For Everyone

Let's face it,  we can't read all the time even though we all want to. With these eclectic items readers can show their bookish pride without even turning a page.

Book Flask

Want a cute conversation piece or maybe keep your happy hour a little discreet ? Check out these book-like  flasks. Maybe you can slip some Polyjuice Potion when no ones looking ! Urban Outfitters

Bird and Lattice Bookends

Add a bit of whimsy to your bookshelf with this  polished iron heavyweight bookshelf, cut into two birds. Urban Outfitters

Ottlite LED Bookstand
Give props to your books with this sleek white bookstand. You can display your current reads like a piece of art ! Barnes and Nobles

The Gift Card

Last but not least if you're still not sure what to get for a bookish gift grab a gift card ! Instead of regular old bookstore check out a gift card from or they can have cheaper prices than other online shops.

Happy Holidays

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