Monday, November 7, 2011

Support Your Book Blogging Habit, Without Breaking The Bank

Let's face it, for some of us book bloggers adding a  a new book to our collection is an addiction. And no matter how big our TBR pile is, we are not going to stop scouring the shelves. When adding to your personal library, here are a few tips to consider. . . you know so you can buy extra tea and bookmarks.

Used Bookstores

I know very few  readers who would turn away a "pre-read" novel. Many used book stores offer trade credit so you can trade in your old books  for new ones. I can't tell you how many mint condition books I've found just scouring the shelves, especially in YA sections. Check the Indie Bound store locator for used bookstores near you.

The Buy N Trade

Okay, this takes some skill. We have gone to library brown bag sales ( get a bag and for 3-5 dollars fill it up)  with the purpose of trading them in at the used bookstore for credit. Keep in mind each used book store is different so call ahead and find out their policy !

For example, our used book store won't accept hardcover over-sized  books if a paperback is already out. Either way this has the potential to be low-reward so don't get books you won't mind keeping.

Buy In Pairs = Free Shipping, and even Amazon offer free shipping on most books, when you spend 25$ or more. Take advantage of this when you want those shiny hardcover new releases. Find two new releases and purchase them together to save you money on shipping


With memes like Waiting on Wedensday you can see upcoming books far in advance. If you pre-order online you can recieve a book for a much cheaper price.

For instance, I ordered The Fault In Our Stars by John Green from Amazon in July for 8.99, knowing the book wan't coming out until January. Keep in mind when the website will charge. Barnes and Nobles charges you when it is shipped while Amazon charges straight up.

Changes in Cover Art
Novel covers can sometimes get a makeover and  you might find a deal on the old version. Check out bargain sections online or in store for older editions. For examples we found old editions of The Uglies series at Books-A-Million for $3.97


Last but not least, try scouring Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader and  your favorite blogs for giveaways. Remember there are no guarantees and it is a numbers game. The more contests you enter the greater your chance of winning. If you win, be sure to thank the giver and give the prize a review.

*Honorable Mentions

Thrift Stores
Garage Sales 

Top Photo via  Flickr, Allisa Lemaire

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  1. I love searching garage sales for books, it's like treasure hunting!! Also, has an awesome scratch and dent section ;)

  2. @ Carole - What an awesome website ! I'll have to bookmark that one.

  3. Wow this is a really useful post for book buyers like me! I've never pre-ordered a book but I think I should try it via Book Depositary because they have free shipping. This is why the library is my favourite hang out!


  4. those are some awesome tips! i noticed that pre-order for some books are cheap then close to the release date they explode in the price. I saw this alot on the book depository. Does this website charge you at the price when u placed your order or on the price of the release date?

    thanks alot!!

    - juhina


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