Monday, November 21, 2011

In Twilight We Jest : A Retrospective of Twilight Humor

Twilight has a huge fandom, I mean Breaking Dawn sold 139.5 million dollar  during it's opening weekend alone ! With a fandom this huge affectionate parodies are not that hard to find. Here are our top five favorites found on YouTube.

1. Twimore
KalebNation probably gave Twihards a heart attack with this spoof announcement of Twimore, a loving parody of Pottermore. Just follow the sparkles  . . .

2. Rob is Bothered
Jimmy Fallon started this spoof on his late night show, with his impression of  a chagrined Robert Pattinson. This second installment has a very very special guest.

3. Speak Like Kristen Stewart 
It's kind of hard not to notice Stewart's specific speech pattern in her movies and interviews. Barely Political created this funny spoof of Stewart offering a 'How To Speak More Good' DVD. You'll never look at a kstew interview the same again.

4. Hillywood Twilight Parodies
Give these two sister any pop culture phenomenon and they will create an amazing music video parody. They've created a spoof for every Twilight film so far. The Eclipse one is our favorite.

5. Evil Iguana Film's Twilight Trailer Spoof
This was one of the first trailers spoofs I saw and thought it was hilarious. If you don't atleast chuckle once during the parody, the end will get you.

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