Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hunger Games Cast in Vanity Fair

I try not to get into the hype of movie versions of books. Yet, there I was in the theater for Harry Potter opening weekend after scouring Hot Topic for my first Harry Potter shirt.

Anyway, it is happening again as I await the Hunger Games movies. I read all the books this summer and now I am always on the look out for movie news. I was pretty excited when I saw this Vanity Fair photoshoot, featureing the cast of Hunger Games--I had to share.

This one is so pretty and natural. I can't tell who everyone is, but I spot Thresh, Glimmer and Cato. It's kind of sad what's going to happen to most of them.

There is a new trio in town. Just kidding, actually this kind of looks like a Hollister/American Eagle/Aeropstale ad to me. But, ugh Chris Hemsworth looks so OLD compared to the others. He doesn't look like a person from a poor district.

I thought this looked like a Sears portrait studio image. Oh, well Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing !

I really hope, they don't screw this movie up. I also can't wait to see what Tumblr does with these images.

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! Your comment made me smile! <3

    I haven't read The Hunger Games yet - I know, I know! I really need to before the film comes out though! The girl in the last photograph (which actually does kind of look like a Sears portrait bwuahaha) is really pretty though! Is she playing the main character?

    Liza @ Book Crook Liza

  2. Hello! I'm probably the last person on earth who still hasn't read this series, but that will soon be remedied! I finally got the first book and vow to finish it (if not the whole series) before the movie comes out.

    New follower ~ Misfit Salon

  3. Ah! I love your blog! It has a homey, welcomemy feeling! I'm following you now. I haven't seen this pictures; they. are. awesome.

    - Mary | Anxirium

  4. Oh! Those photos are gorgeous! Love them, though I'm still not convinced with the casting choice for Peeta.


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