Book and Sensibility was created by two sisters with a lifelong connection through books. Started in 2011 during that awkward post-grad stage, Books and Sensibility began as a way to talk about reading YA fiction as an adult. Now, it has expanded to reviews and discussions of books across all genres!

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Hi there! So, books have always been a big part of my life. I can pretty much count the stages in my life through the novels I was obsessed with at the time. I love how books can transport us into the worlds of different people and ideas. This blog has been a great tool for me to keep track of my reading and how my thinking has evolved and grown over the years. My favorite genres are contemporary YA, dystopian, contemporary romance and anything written by Marie Lu.
E-mail: kat@booksandsensibility.com
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Hello, I'm Jess. I've been a big reader all my life, just ask my grade school librarians! In high school I read a lot Stephen King, historical fiction and contemporary fiction.While I review mostly  YA I also enjoy reading adult fiction, literary novels and listening to audiobooks. I'm open to all genres and will read anything with a great or unusual premise. When I'm not reading you can find me baking up something sweet in the kitchen or finding a great deal !
E-mail: jess@booksandsensibility.com
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