Monday, December 10, 2018

Finding Yvonne by Brandy Colbert

Rating: unrated | 288 pages | Little Brown For Young Readers| Contemporary | 8/07/2018 
Finding Yvonne is a small slice-of-life story of a formerly ambitious and passionate violinist who has lost her spark for music.  Losing her passion is a big struggle for Yvonne because to her father-- a  successful chef /restaurateur--and Warren, her potential boyfriend/ father's sous chef, passion is everything. Then a fateful meeting with a pair of talented eclectic street musicians in Venice Beach sends Yvonne spiraling down a path that leads to inspiration, heartache, and possibly love.

My first thought on this book was that this was totally a book teenage me would have liked. Yvonne is a black middle-class girl who is learning to bake and loves food. I've been reading a lot of books with black girl protagonist from all sort of background and it's made me realize just how limited the options were back when I was a teen.

One of my biggest pet peeves in YA is what I call the Jerk!Dad, where the Dad is a jerk for no apparent reason. Yvonne's father manages to straddle the line and I'm glad we are starting to see more nuance in the YA dad department. Yvonne's father is successful and supportive but he uses pot and work to keep barriers up between him and Yvonne.

Colbert does an amazing job of building the specific world and community her characters live with less than 300 pages.

Check out the audiobook review on AudioFile !

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