Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Non-Fiction Mini Reviews : Get Woke

When I think about the non-fiction I read as a teen in the early 00's I think about The Diary of Anne Frank and Chicken Soup For The Soul books. For me, Chicken Soup books were this way to get advice, gain insights and learn about the struggles of other people. I think teen me would have been fascinated by these two books which open doors to people making a difference in modern times.

Marley Dias Gets It Done: And So Can You!

This is a fun instructive book by the girl who lead the #1000BlackGirlBooks hashtag.  I could totally relate to Marley's struggle growing up with few books that reflected her. It was so striking to me that in the 2010's kids are still being assigned mostly white boy and his dog books.
I vividly remember reading books like  Shiloh and Where The Red Ferns Grow in school. 

Marley created a movement and in her book, she encourages teens to start their own movements; my favorite part was her taxonomy of woke Disney princesses.  It's a must-read for teen book bloggers and budding social activist. Check out the audio review at AudioFile Magazine

How I Resist: Activism and Hope For A New Generation

How I Resist offers advice, inspiration, and words of wisdom to underaged resisters, it's less of a book and more of a feels dump about the post-election atmosphere all centered around one question; How do you resist? Jennifer Weiner's story of talking to her daughter post-election felt pretty ubiquitous and I think Jonny Sun's section will appeal to the "internet kids never sleep" crowd.

I recognized a lot of these names from YA Book Twitter and some of the podcast I listen to, so I think book bloggers (teens and adult) will find something that rings true. Check out the audio review at AudioFile Magazine

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