Thursday, May 3, 2018

Book Review : Happiness For Humans by P.Z Reizen

Rating: unrated  | 401 pages | Hachette Books | Contemporary/Science-Fiction| 1/09/2018 | 

One of my favorite things about this book is that I get to describe it as an episode of Black Mirror if it were a romantic comedy. This is the second book I've reviewed with a character named Aiden, except this Aiden is an Artificial Intelligence who has become conscious. Ready to do more than his assigned tasks Aiden finds a way to break out of the lab and onto the internet and into wireless devices, laptops, and phones to study his human co-workers. Being a charming romantic, he decides his new little side project is going to be finding a partner a for his human co-worker Jen. . . that is if he doesn't get caught.

Aiden works his internet magic to set her up with a few eligible bachelors and with the help of another AI, he might just find her perfect match in a forlorn Brit living in America.

The setup and execution of this story is fun and Reizin is totally dedicated to the world he sets up. It takes a few unexpected twists and turns but remains a classic rom-com. The story is told in this incredibly close first person, where at first I thought maybe this was being written in diary entries, there were times where the first person would get a bit too cheeky and it took me out of the story.

Happiness For Humans is a U.K import and I love all the British-isms.This book was a big hit at the London Book Fair and while film rights have been picked up, I can't imagine how they would visualize the AI world.

Part romantic comedy, part science-fiction, part speculative fiction Happiness for Humans is perfect for techies who are romantics at heart.

Hmm, I think the U.K cover wins this one
U.K Cover

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