Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Keep Me in Mind by Jamie Reed

  • Release Date: April 26, 2016
  • Pages: 336 pages
  • Genre: Contemporary YA
  • Publisher: Point (Scholastic)
When  Ellia Dawson wakes up in the hospital with a head injury the first person she sees is Liam McPherson, her boyfriend of two years. The only problem ? She doesn’t remember him. In fact, she doesn’t remember anything about the last two years of her life. Now it’s up to Liam to help her remember her past and Ellia to discover if they still fit together. But that gets pretty complicated because it seems like everyone is hiding something from Ellia.

I wanted to like this book. I really did. But I was just so annoyed by parts it, specifically by Liam who was just  so freaking righteous. I’m going to rant a little here. From the beginning we know he was with Ellia when she was injured and she has some questions, but instead of just telling her what she wants to know she has to wait for him to finish the book he is writing about their relationship because he is such a special snowflake or something.

And then the worst is this scene when Liam sees Ellia walking out of her therapy session with another guy and he just walks up and makes out with her. I was shouting at the page: SHE DOESN’T REMEMBER YOU, BRO GET OVER IT !

That said I liked the character of Ellia, she's an extreme extrovert which is nice change up for a YA female protagonist. Ellia's journey is all about reconciling the person she was with the person she is now. The last thing she remembers is being excited about going to high school and the next thing she knows she’s a junior in high school. This honestly could have been a story on its own without Liam.

One of my favorite podcasts is Read it and Weep and they have this game called No Retreat, No Surrender where they discuss side characters in films they wish they could follow instead of the main character. I wanted to follow Cody, the boy Ellia meets a therapy who  lost his short term memory in a surfing accident. Cody is only in a few scenes but all I could think about what how interesting it would be to have a relationship with where one character can’t remember the past and the other can’t remember the present. I also liked seeing how Cody used technology and other strategies to get through life with no short term memory. I was really hoping he'd take over the plot, but he doesn't.

Keep Me in Mind had an interesting set up, but a romance I couldn't invest in. However it did remind me of how much YA contemporary is my jam and I want to get back into reading more of it.

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