Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Mixed Feelings About Harry Potter #8: Gif Reaction Post

So this happened 

And the bookish Internet was like

The Cursed Child is a script book print edition of the play coming to London this summer about Harry's son. But we're all just calling it HP #8

Now, I'm a big Harry Potter fan

But. . .I feel like every time a new Harry Potter (Wizarding World) book comes out it's just about generating more revenue. Like, with The Cursed Child fans can either buy the Special Rehearsal Edition script before the play debuts or the Definitive Collector's Edition after the debut.  

On the other hand I do like that they've taken a premium product, the play, and packaged in a way where more people have access to it.

So I have mixed feelings. But I know I'll eventually read it. I really hope it lives up to the hype 

P.S  If you haven't seen A Very Potter Musical. . . The other Harry Potter musical you must ! It's a little quirky but the music, dancing and writing  is amazing. They know HP fans ! It's on YouTube. GO GO GO


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