Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kat Checks Out Richmond's Newest Public Libray

A few days ago I went to the grand opening celebration of the new

library in my neighborhood. . . because I didn’t choose the nerd life the nerd life chose me. But seriously, Henrico County's brand new Libbie Mill Library was no small feat. Construction cost of the project was 30 million dollars. It's 39,915 square feet and has 67,000 volumes. It's been the talk of the town and at the grand opening  there were so many people they had cops directing traffic

The Libbie Mill Library is in good company in a new "midtown" area. It's reminds of that  town center fever that I've seen growing in Northern Virginia suburbs. I’m sure there are a lot of unfortunate implications about all these new expensive buildings (like rising housing cost), but the library that used to serve this area really deserved the upgrade.

The YA Room
I knew nothing about the library's resources,  so when I first walked in I was overwhelmed by everything.  Books ! Community space ! Outdoor fountain! Lights ! Study rooms ! Touchscreens ! More books! One of the staff members informed me that all the books in the collection were new.  I didn't really know what to do so I started to scan shelves for familiar titles. The way they shelves are backlit makes it perfect for shelfies.

Romance, Mystery, AfAm--- all together now!
As I browsed I  noticed they do that thing I like where they put stickers on romance and African American fiction, but still keep them with the paperbacks. No putting African American fic and romance in a corner.

The library is absolutely gorgeous and I feel very fortunate to live close Did I mention the resources ? They have:

  • Computer labs with the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Podcasting tools 
  • A green screen 
  • A FREAKING 3D Printer. 

It was so fun to see the enthusiasm from kids and adults over books. People had stacks !

Going to this opening was a lot of fun (or IDK, maybe it's the sparkling apple juice talking) and it reinforced in me the idea that libraries matter. They are places  for people to learn and discover and it's nice when they have a great ambiance too. I definitely see myself coming here. A lot.

My Haul: The Royal We, Aftermath, The Heart Goes Last and The Imitation Game

Did I mention they had food ? It was catered by Southern Seasons, which is also in the town center. I got a brisket slider and a ham and pimento cheese biscuit because this is Virginia dammit. It was so weird seeing people eat in a public library...

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