Sunday, August 16, 2015

6 YouTubers Who Totally Need Book Deals

This year so many YouTubers published books...which is no surprise considering the audience YouTube has enabled content creators to grow.  Here are six YouTubers I'd like to see get book deals next!

Wong Fu Productions / Phil Wang , Ted Fu and Wes Chan

Subscribers: 2.5 million

This channel has everything from funny shorts to full lengths features. Started by 3 young filmmakers, WongFu has kind of become a role model for Asian film makers, because they create roles Asian actors don't typically get. I think they could write a book version of the advice they give on their tour, something along the lines of Neil Gaiman's Make Good Art or J.K Rowling's Very Good Lives.

DisneyKid1 / Joseph Birdsong

Subscribers: 10K

I discovered his channel at random about six years ago and hos videos are some of my favorite. Joe has this hilarious self-deprecating humor about life including being an introvert, growing up gay in the South and internet culture.  He used to have a podcast of his writing  and I can see him writing a collection of humor essays like David Sedaris.

Laci Green 

Subscribers: 1 Million
 She is a self-described sex education activist and her channel features frank and knowledge heavy videos about sex, sexuality and consent. She dispels common sex misconceptions--especially for girls. I can imagine her doing a  21st century version of The Care and Keeping of You for older teens.

Vlogbrothers / John and Hank  Green 

Subscribers: 2.6 Million
 Wait, hear me out. I know about John Green--I mean I think you have to turn in your book blogger card if you haven't, but I always like the original conceit of their channel which is about the importance of non-textual communication. I think it would be awesome if they went back and did something about that experience. Maybe like a pop psychology book about the evolution of textual communication.

Black Nerd Comedy / Andre Meadows

Subscribers: 390K
 I'm not sure what kind of book Andre could do, but his channel is my current favorite. He started YouTube a little older than most YouTubers and I think he has this interesting view on pop culture and living the nerd culture. Not to mention it feels like Blerd is the word of the this decade and he fits this to a T. Maybe something like Issa Rae's Misadventures of Awkward Girl ?

Chescaleigh/ Franchesca Ramsey

Subscribers: 199K
Franchesca's most popular YouTube video is probably her Sh*t White Girls Say....To Black Girls video. She currently has this very thoughtful series on MTV Decoded about race that is both informative and funny. I think she could do either a book similar to this series or maybe a beauty book about natural hair and makeup for dark skin. My favorite video of hers is My Lipstick Story about how she learned to like the way lipstick looked on her lips.

So, who do you watch on YouTube ? Anyone you'd like to see with a book ?

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