Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Author Interview: Fleur Gaskin + Giveaway !

A month long dedication to Indie  !

As I began to read more indie books, I started to see I didn't know much about indie authors. For this project I've decided to take the time to interview the authors who have reached out to me and learn more about their writing. This week I am happy to have New Zealand writer, Fluer Gaskin. Fleur is also giving away a copy of her novel Arabelle's Shadows to our readers ! 

1. Describe your novel in 6 words (or less !)
Model fights depression, looks for love. 

2. Tell us all the details about your main character
Arabelle is a model from New Zealand. She's arrived back in Bangkok, where she has modelled a lot in the past and has lots of friends there. Arabelle has a history of depression but she works hard to be happy. She's a little strange looking, unique but beautiful with Auburn hair and wide spaced eyes. Arabelle's dream is to go to New York, become a successful model then actress, then use her fame to save the world from all suffering. 

3. Tell us the details on your love interest (if there is one)
Naak is a wealthy, Thai socialite. He has his law firm, but spends more time on the golf course or partying than in the office. Arabelle has known him for a few years. She thinks he's fun, handsome and smart. Arabelle also has terrible taste in men...

4. What was your inspiration for the novel ?
Originally I just wanted to tell the tale of what modelling is really like. Many girls dream of being models but they only see the glitz and glamour of the top 5%. Most models live in crowded, old apartments and are constantly stressed out about their appearance, their weight and their finances. It's fun because you get to travel but it's a lot of pressure for girls so young, especially since agencies often treat the models as commodities rather than human beings. 

Then I began to write the book and I found that I had other things I wanted to say. Depression and self esteem
took on a much bigger theme within the book and ultimately Arabelle's Shadows became a novel about learning to love yourself.

5. Let’s talk covers ! What were your hopes and how did you come up with the final products ?
I decided to design the cover myself. I think I did a pretty good job considering I have no training in design and very limited Photoshop skills. Thankfully I have the great fortune of being friends with a few graphic designers so I emailed them and asked them what they thought of my cover. One of them, Vasil Hnatiuk, replied to my email with a whole new design! I was ecstatic. It was so much more professional (and grown up) than my design. It captures the essence of the novel so perfectly!

6.What are you currently reading or what authors/genres are you into right now ?
I read anything and everything. At the moment I'm reading an enormous non fiction book called Fairness and Freedom, which is about the differences in culture between New Zealanders and Americans. It's really helping me understand why I think a little differently from my American friends. I'm also reading a book about Maori myths and legends and I'm about to start a novel an author requested that I review (I have no idea what that's about!)


Thanks, Fleur ! Now it's time for a giveaway ! 

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