Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Author Interview: Anna Silver + Giveaway

A month long dedication to Indie  !

As I began to read more indie books, I started to see I didn't know much about indie authors. For this project I've decided to take the time to interview the authors who have reached out to me and learn more about their writing. This week I am happy to have Anna Silver, author of Otherborn. Anna is also giving away a copy of Otherborn to our readers ! 

1. Describe your novel in 6 words (or less !)
A dreamy, dark, and mystical journey.

2. Tell us all the details on your main character.
London is a graduate of the school of hard knocks. Her father is a pit worker, pretty much untouchable. Her mother is a drunk. And she’s a rebel, through and through. Life in Capital City is static, and London is anything besides. She’s creative and fearless, loyal to a fault, and underneath it all, she’s pretty tortured. But she learns to turn all that energy outward during the course of the book, and project it into something productive, rather than let it eat her alive

3. Tell us the details on your love interest (if there is one).
London has been secretly in love with her best friend, Rye, for years. As abrasive as she can seem, she’s truly a softie inside and petrified of her own vulnerability. Nothing brings this out in her like her feelings for Rye. Too afraid of his rejection, which would cost her one of the most important relationships in her life, she’s been holding her true feelings back for a very long time. But it’s impossible to keep something that strong down forever, which London will learn the hard way in this story— about a lot of things.

4. What was your inspiration for the novel ?
My two biggest inspirations were a story I read about the Otherkin subculture, people living today who truly believe they were something other than human in a past life or in their soul, and dream research— in particular, a book by prolific dream author, Robert Moss.

5. Let’s talk covers! What were your hopes and how did you come up with the final product ?
I wanted a cover that was stunning. Period. I knew it needed to be dark too. I know YA readers, we LOVE our covers. And frankly, many people do judge books by their covers, even me. So I was insistent that it had to be exceptional while conveying the mood of OTHERBORN. My publisher listened to a few of my ideas and commissioned an artist who had done some other covers for them that I really liked. She was fantastic. She nailed both London and Si’dah, and everything we were going for with this cover.

6. What are you currently reading or what authors/genres are you into right now?
It’s very hard for me to peek my head out of YA long enough to read anything else. But I’ll always love fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, and dystopian of any kind. I just finished rereading The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. And I recently devoured PURE by Juliana Baggot.

Thanks, Anna ! Now it's time for a giveaway ! 


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