Saturday, December 29, 2012

13 Things We Learned From Holly Black's Curse Workers Series

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It's no secret that Holly Black's Curseworker's series was a favorite of Books and Sensibility in 2012. The novels tell the story of 17-year-old  conman Cassel Sharpe who lives in an alternate universe where people cursed with magic work on the dark side of the law . It's a great  Urban Fantasy, Jess and I have listened to all three audiobooks in the series multiple times and here's a few lessons we've learned from the Curseworker's Series:

1. Family; you can't live with them.Can't kill them.

2.  We are largely, who we remember ourselves to be.

3. Everyone's favorite person is themselves.

4. Changing is what people do when they have no options left.

5. Gifts create a feeling of debt, an itchy anxiety that the recipient is eager to be rid of by repaying.

6. People may or may not brew meth in hotel coffee pots.

7.  Don't eat dehydrated coffee dry. Especially decaf.

8. Mixing coffee and a hot chocolate packet will make a mocha.

9. The problem with temptation is it's so damn tempting.

10. The truth is messy.

11. The problem with cell phones is that you can’t slam them down into a cradle when you hang up. 

12. Three way call people to pretend like you are somewhere you aren't

13. Coffee. Just Coffee.


  1. Great list, especially #1! And #9 is pretty good too! Really enjoy the Curse Workers series, as Holly is amazingly talented!

    My Saturday Situation

  2. Number seven is hilarious! I love the covers of these books, they're beautiful. I'll have to check that series out in the new year!


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