Monday, December 24, 2012

13 Favorite Books And Sensibility Post

Starting December 19th we will be counting down 13 superlatives to ring in the New Year ! Join us as we remember the year, host a few giveaways and say good-bye to 2012.

We all have those reviews, features or post that we want to keep retweeting and blogging about. Those post that make everything about book blogging worth it. Here are our 13 favorite post from Books and Sensibility in 2012.

1. Subscribe ! Authors On Youtube

2. 25 Authors Under 25

3. Free Stock Images : Be Worry Free

4. Hey, I Know That Voice : Famous Voice in Audiobooks

5. Books and Sensibility @ BEA 

6. The Sense List Volume 1

7. Top Apps For Books Bloggers

8. Title Sharers ; Same Title, Different Book

9. YA Couple That Really Gets Around

10. Author Event : Miranda Kennally

11. In Hunger Games We Trust

12. Shelf Candy Saturday : Born Wicked

13. Swagger  : Creative Bookish Swag

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