Sunday, June 10, 2012

BEA Book Haul Top 5

We picked up a lot of wonderful books to promote and review while attending Book Expo America.We have each chosen the top 5 we are most excited about.

Jess'  Top 5 BEA Books
Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas
What I like about this book is its origins on Fictionpress. If Maas already has fans in her Internet community then I have great faith in this novel. The plot is a  mix of assassins and fantasies, both of which seem to be popular this year

Skinny by Donna Cooner
This one was actual given to me by Miranda from Just Read Books, but it was talked about at the BEA YA Editor's Buzz. The concept sounds like a unique take on contemporary

Prodigy by Marie Lu
I enjoyed the Legend audiobook and this was the ONE book I really wanted.

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes
This books sounds like an intense fantasy and I think will be a stand out with all the fantasies coming out this year.

Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Need I say more ?

Kat's Top 5 BEA Books

Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally
This was one of the first books that I picked up at BEA. I really enjoyed Catching Jordan and after hearing Miranda Kenneally talk about how this book deals with sexuality, religion and relationships I was very interested. Sourcebooks YA books have never led me wrong.

What's Left of Me by Kat Zhang
I loved how the editor of this book described the concept in this book of a soul trapped in a body being like a person reading a book. You can experience another persons life, but you can have no influence. Kat was one of our 25 Under 25, so I'm curious to see how her debut novel delivers.

Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry
She was so awesome at Teen Author Carnival and told a hilarious story of how she fainted during a high school presentation while trying to impress a boy. This is a  contemporary about the good girl and the bad boy--plus I have still yet to read a Harlequin Teen book.

Crewel by Gennifer Albin
I caught the end of the editor discussing this book at the YA Editor's Buzz. It tells a story of women called "Spinsters" who weave the fabric of society. This seems like another interesting take on gender roles in the speculative fiction world.

The People of Forever Are Not Afraid by Shani Boianjiu
Okay, so it's not a YA  but I was drawn to this book at the Editor's Buzz during blogger con. The novel is about 3 school friends who serve time in the Israeli Army. I loved how the editor described it as Mean Girls meets Tim O'Brien. The cover reflects that wonderfully with the hot pink font over a wartime photograph.


  1. Eeeppp!!! I totally love Kat's Top 5 haul! And Jess already got Prodigy?! o.O Lol. Awesome haul you gals! :D

    Drop by my Showcase Sunday?

  2. Yummy! Wishing even more than ever that I had been able to go with y'all!

    From y'alls top Ten I would have to pick:

    Crewel, Throne of Glass, Skinny, Insurgent and Falling Kingdoms, though not necessarily in that order, as my top five!




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