Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In Hunger Games We Jest : Hunger Games Spoofs

Much like In Twilight We Jest we present In Hunger Games We Jest. After all It was bound to happen ! Hunger Games isn't the happiest story in the world, but real fans still find a way to make it fun. With just 3 days to go we have the top 3 Hunger Games video parodies

1.Hunger Games Trailer Spoof by Evil Iguana

I'm still laughing from Evil Iguana's Twilight parody from 4 years ago.The actors in this have great comedic timing and the Peeta is just perfect and hilarious.

The WernerSister Hunger Games Trailer Parody
They may not have high quality effects or cameras, but they create some pretty funny moments.

'I Wanna Go' Hunger Games Parody

 Who knew Britney Spears and Panem would ever crossover ?


  1. Love all these! GAH, so excited!

  2. LOL! That first vid was beyond hilarious and Peeta was a hoot! And the third was so creative and funny. *Sings* I wanna bake you pies. Thanks for sharing.


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