Friday, January 13, 2012

If These Books Were Judged by Their Covers : Who Wore It Best ?

Cover art  gives our favorite books a unique identity, but when different publishers find the same image readers get a little deja vu. So, who do you thing wore it best ? The paranormal or the contemporary ?



It's interesting how the paranormal covers add light effects to give the model a more ethereal and powerful feel, while the contemporary keeps it simple and clean.

I like them all, but I like Wander Dust the best. I thik the text and the lighting effects fit together nicely. Who do you think wore it best ?


  1. I too like the Wander Dust best. It's like the perfect blend of simple and enhanced. The first one just seems to be enhanced too much, and the third is so simple it's boring. I do love the comparisons though. Great post!

  2. There all nice, but my favorite is the first. I love the colors in the sky, and how the light from the letters in the title are wrapping around her.

  3. There's something I like about the simplicity of #3, but the font on Wander Dust is more appealing.

  4. My favourite is Elemental Reality. When I saw it, I actually gasped a little. It's very beautiful and just stands out much more to me than the other two. Now I have to go find out what it's about!

  5. I like Elemental Reality. She looks like she's about to float away.

  6. I really like the Grounding Quinn cover, but next to the Wander Dust cover, it's color just seems a little bland. So, I guess I like Wander Dust the best but only by a small margin!


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