Saturday, November 12, 2011

Book Trailers : The Great, Good, The Bad & The Ugly

First rule of book trailers; the are always a little chessy. And it's usually because of a corny voiceover so, keep that in mind. Still, I love watching the trailers because they give you the jist without to much details.

And if one is bad that's fine because I doubt anyone picks their books based on the trailers.

What are some of your favorite or least favorite book trailers ? I've kinda become addicted to watching them.

The Great

Eve by Anna Carey 
HarperTeen Makes some of the best trailers I have seen. This one is short, simple and interesting without to many spastic special effects.

The Good

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
This book trailer for Along for the Ride is fast and simple. It doesn't have a lot going on.

The Bad

Legend by Marie Lu
Can't wait for this book, I like Marie Lu, but the voiceovers in the trailer are cringeworthy. The graphics are pretty good though.

The Ugly

Torment by Lauren Kate
Would you believe I had a hard time finding one for this category ? I mean a lot of book trailers are bad, but none are truly ugly. This one wins because the wings are kind of pathetic. The Fallen trailer on the other hand is pretty good.

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