Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hunger Games Is Not The Next TwiPotter

No one was looking for the next big book franchise years after Harry Potter was published in the U.S, but, 10 years later Twilight came on the scene giving Harry a run for his galleons. Harry Potter and Twilight have not only produced iconic characters and found a comfortable place in pop culture--they also bought a lot of merchandise with them.

Twilight had Hot Topic, Burger King, Necco.  While Harry Potter... well it has a theme park filled with merchandise. I even hear the Orlando airport has a Harry Potter store.

Since then it seems like everyone is looking for the next book series to cash in on.  Scholastic and Lionsgate seem to think they have found it in the Hunger Games Trilogy. It will be interesting to see if the Hunger Games will be as easy to franchise as Twi-Potter ? I'm really not convinced, but marketers don't seem to think so. 

The Capitol.Pn

I don't know what  exactly this is but, it actually freaks me out. Essentially you sign up at with Facebook or Twitter for the tessera; you know that thing when poor kids enter their names in the Hunger Games more than once for food. Fun right ?  This site interacts people with the world of Hunger Games some say it is a rip off of Pottermore but this site really just seems to be tracking the buzz the film is creating.

VMA Trailer Release

The crew at Lionsgate is taking a few cues from Twilight as E! reports over and over again. Just like Twilight The first official Hunger Games trailer was released at the VMAs. It features a brunette girl running around in the woods listening to a male voice essentially telling her eveyrhting will be okay. I'm assuming the voice is Gale but did we really need the voice over ? I'm sure Katniss (and the fireballs) could hold the trailer on their own. Then again, they have to remind the teenage girls Miley Cyrus's ex-boyfriend is in this film.

Hot Topic

You would have had  better luck finding a horcrux then finding an HP t-shirt at Hot Topic when Deathly Hallows Part 2 came out. If there is one thing people love is wearing a fan shirt while at the movie, much like sports fans . .  but nerdier. I've been told this shirt made its way into the Hot Topic racks.

That's right, I'm from District 12. The poorest district in Panem we have no skills and everyone expects out kid-tributes to die,  but I'm totally proud ! Also, this shirt only comes in women's sizes on the manufacturer's website.

Despite all this I wonder if Hunger Games can be spared from being compared to Twi-Potter. There is no doubt it is going to be a tough film to market and it shouldn't ride on the non-existent love triangle, but instead on J. Law and her portrayal of Katniss.

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